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Dear Miss Bingo user,

November 19th 2004

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and with it comes a Mammoth announcement - We are giving away $10,000 on Turkey Day so make sure you are in with a chance of winning!!! We have some awesome Specials, more new chat games and a Hot 4 Day Thanksgiving Weekend so… grab that first cup of coffee, put your feet up and get ready for some exciting happenings coming up at your Favorite Bingo Family on the net, the one and only Miss Bingo!!

We have some awesome prizes up for grabs AND remember ALL our Game Prizes and Jackpots are pure, hard CASH!!!! So this really is the best place to play!!!!


You won't want to miss this one… On Thanksgiving Night we will be playing 1 Very Special Blackout game for a GUARANTEED Jackpot of $10,000… You'll find this special game programmed into pre-buys so LOAD UP on cards, this is one game you won't want to miss! And remember, you do not have to be online to win, just pre-buy and you just might log in to find yourself a winner!!! Good luck to all… and may the Bingo Gods be with you!!! (PSSST come on into chat and lets drive our CMs Crazy!)

Here are some of the exciting things we have planned for our Thanksgiving Weekend that starts on Nov 25th with our $10,000 Guaranteed Blackout Coverall.

  • Watch for PYOP Patterns to pop-up all weekend - loads of awesome prizes!!!
  • Special OOPS patterns on Friday 11/26
  • Quirky Turkey - 5 Accelerator Games in Cabaña Café on 11/27
  • Loony Liberty Loot on 11/28


Candy Cane Contest - Look out for those Candy Cane Patterns! Over $2000 in cash prizes to be won!!

Fruit Mania Slots Tourney - Midnight 11/19 thru Midnight 11/20, a top prize of $250 CASH plus LOADS of BBs up for grabs!!!

Crazy Cabaña Cash - 11/21 from 6PM onwards, $2500 MUST BE WON!!! Load up on cards NOW!!

Jumbo "J" Game - Join us in the Cabaña Café at Midnight 11/21. $1000 MUST-GO prize plus chance to win the DOW Jackpot, now over $4600! Buy your cards NOW!!

Rainbow Game - Join us in the Liberty Lounge at 11PM 11/21. $500 MUST-GO prize plus chance to win the special Rainbow Jackpot! Buy your cards NOW!!

1 Day Scratchie Tourney - 11/24 no sign-ups required! LOADS of BBs to be won!!!

You might not want to see another turkey til Christmas after Turkey Day but this is one turkey you will want to catch!!!LOL. Be sure to join us on Saturday November 27th in the Cabaña Café, for some exciting Specials. We will be playing another of our exciting Mini Accelerator Jackpot Games! Here's how it works: 5 Red Hot Special games at the TOP of the hour at 4PM, 6PM, 8PM, 10PM, 11PM. Bingo on the "Turkey" Pattern for a Guaranteed Prize of $150 AND a Special Accelerator Jackpot starting at $2000 and increasing by $500 each game!! Awesome! So make sure you load up on cards NOW to be in with a chance!

As soon as the Jackpot is won, watch for it to reset to $2000 and start over again. You'll want to make sure your pre-buys are all set thru Midnight for these exciting games!! And keep an eye on the "Buy-Ahead" feature, as you'll be able to use that to make sure you don't miss out. Catch that Turkey and grab the Cash!!

Note: If the Jackpot is hit in the first game, the Accelerator Jackpot resets so the next game will start at $2000 again and so on.

Bingo on the "Drumstick" pattern from 11/25 to 11/30 and win $50 BBs AND as it's the festive season, 100 Candy Canes!! Wowzer!

Buy as many cards as you can to be in with a chance of receiving a beautiful Christmas Floral Arrangement delivered to your door!! The player who buys the most cards between 11/15 and 11/30 wins! So load up on cards and WIN!!

On Sunday 11/28 in the Liberty Lounge we will be having Five Special games with a Guaranteed $250 Prize each plus a fixed $1000 Jackpot. Watch for the Dollar Sign pattern to play at 6-7-8-9 & 10PM. Load up on cards and check those pre-buys, you won't want to miss out on these games!!!

Just send your photo to us at pix@missbingo.com and we will work our magic so that your buddies will be able to see your picture whilst talking to you IN chat! Wow!AND if you copy in carol@missbingo.com, she'll throw $10 BBs in your account, just for looking beautiful!! Please remember to include your player name!

Mark your calendars for Sunday 11/21 when we continue our Crazy Cabaña Cash games in the Cabaña Café!!! We will be having 5 Special games with a Guaranteed $500 Prize each plus a fixed $1000 Jackpot. Watch for the Dollar Sign pattern to play at 6-7-8-9 & 10PM. Load up on cards to win BIG!!!!

We are giving away $2000 in CASH prizes! Win DOUBLE Candy Canes when you Bingo IN Chat on 11/21!! Keep a look out for those special patterns!! Imagine all those extra gifts you could buy with some spare cash just 2 weeks before Christmas!!

And as it's the holiday season, as a special incentive, if you are IN chat when you Bingo, you will be awarded an extra 20 Candy Canes beginning 11/22. Watch for our CMs or Carol to announce some "special" chances to win extra Candy Canes along the way!! Lots of chances to add those Candy Canes!!!

Check out the full details at promotions@missbingo.com and keep checking the standings under the "Winners" tab to see if your name is there!! Set your pre-buys so you don't miss a game, awake or asleep!!

The BIGGEST Bingo Christmas Contest on the Net is here….. Don't miss out on your chance to have BIG Christmas Cash coming your way!!!!

you can view the latest Candy Cane Winners if you click on the colorful Candy Cane Banners in the game. Next time you play, check out your latest standings - you could be one step closer to that Christmas Cash!!!

All month I have been giving you clues about my leaf raking experience on Sunday mornings. Each week one lucky player received $25 BBs for correctly guessing how many leaves I had raked up each week (without going over), now the player who correctly guesses how many TOTAL leaves I have raked up into my bags will win $100 in BBs!! As an added bonus, if you can correctly identify the 2 new types of trees that have been added you will receive $25 BBs. Hurry you only have till the 23rd to submit your final guesses. This weeks winner is rukky who guessed 1345 leaves, now there's another clue for you for the grand total!!

Final clue: Raining like crazy for days and days!! Tree's more confused than ever, this might be a HEAVY raking on the last Sunday. The rest can just blow away!! Those that guessed Oak tree, your right, now what other new tree do I have?

Submit your entries to promotions@missbingo.com each week, but please - one guess per player, per week. Your player name MUST be included. All entries must be received by Midnight 11/23.

Back by overwhelming demand!! On 11/26 we will be playing some special OOPS patterns. If you are the IN chat winner on these patterns, you will be awarded $50 BBs. So load up on cards in the pre-buy section so you don't miss out on a chance at some big BBs!!!

Just a reminder, ALL the games are now running on Atlantic Time (Server time) and no longer to EST, this means that the game clock runs one hour ahead of EST. So please check you are playing at the correct times for your favorite games! ALL our games will now be run and reported on Atlantic Time. Check out the NEW games and have some fun! They're GREAT!!

Beginning November 29th each week 2 lucky players will be chosen to play "BULLSEYE". Select one number 1-75 and that will be your lucky number for the week. Each time you see your number called yell out "BULLSEYE" in chat and our CMs will award you $1 BBs. You must be playing IN the game when your number is called. Bullseye will not be played during Speed/Bullet Bingo. Our first 2 winners will be announced in next weeks Newsletter… Good Luck!

On Wednesday November 24th we will be having a special ONE-day (24 hour) Scratch Card tournament. No entry is required, just play the in-house Scratchies that are right on your Bingo game page and you are entered automatically. And remember, your Bonus Bucks can be used to play this game, so now is the time to unload all those extra BBs. Most Wins Special payouts for this event are:

  • 1st Place - $100 BBs
  • 2nd Place - $50 BBs
  • 3rd Place - $30 BBs
  • 4th Place thru 10th Place - $20 BBs
  • 11th Place thru 15th Place - $10 BBs
  • 16th Place thru 20th Place - $5 BBs

Congrats to last weeks winners:

Most Wins!!
$100 BBs - dtan
$50 BBs - byron
$30 BB - Lucky4243
$20 BBs - bingolizj, MISSYMAGIC, angelwing4, boatracer1, Huntey, dacey, Anut
$10 BBs - loveangel, jamjnm, Lauriec2, pablo2858, SMILEYONE
$5 BBs - tirednurse, boingo, ladyfarmer, wolfeyes67, Sophiagrl


  • 11/17 - $4662 - auntilulu
  • 11/17 - $4021 - shinmoto

    Remember we have SIX Jackpots running all the time, THREE in each hall!
Cabaña Café Liberty Lounge
Jackpot Current Value Jackpot Current Value
Standard $1046 Standard $2933
Speed $1010 Speed $4644

Day of the Week




You can now play EIGHT glorious hours of Speed EVERYDAY with your favorite Bingo on the Net!!!! Look out for our schedule changes in the Liberty Lounge and go for it!! We have SIX hours of regular Speed games and TWO hours of supersonic Bullet Bingo, every day!!! That's a massive FIFTY-SIX hours a week! Awesome!

We've added some more new chat games, Hopscotch Bingo, Yeehaw Bingo and Mini Sliders!!! Check out the schedules in each hall and give them a go! They're GREAT!!!!

A special request: Let's help keep our chat lively and on a positive note. We suggest a visit to the website to review our Chat Etiquette rules. Our Chat Masters work hard to keep our chat rooms the best on the net, and with your help we will stay on top!!!

Join us in Cabaña Café and Liberty Lounge for some Monday night Football Fun and BBs!! As you enter chat pick a number from 0-9. At the end of each quarter if the score adds up to your number, you're a winner!! First Quarter, 2 BBs, 2nd Quarter $5 BBs, 3rd Quarter $7 BBs, End of game total score $10 BBs. Oodles of BBs to be won and all the "Madden" Jokes you can tell LOL!!

Beginning on November 1st and running thru November 30th we say goodbye to Fall and dash for that Thanksgiving. Watch for our monthly pattern "Turkey" to play. Load up on cards and when you Bingo on it IN Chat, in either bingo hall and email carol@missbingo.com and we will credit your account with an extra $50 BBs. Remember, your player name must be in the email to receive this bonus!!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Week ending November 14th
The votes from our CMs are in… drum roll please… And our POW (LOL Player of the Week) is: wassy who wins $10 BBs. WTG!

Beginning at Midnight on 11/19/04 (00.01 server time on 11/19) and running thru Midnight 11/20/04 we're having our next Slots Tourney with BIG CASH prizes!!

Here's how it works: No entry or sign-ups required. Simply play the Fruit Mania Slots during this 48-hour period and the Top 20 players with the MOST WINS win!! You'll find Fruit Mania under the "More games" tab. Winners will receive the following prizes for each part of the tourney:

  • 1st Place - $250 Cash
  • 2nd Place - $100 BBs
  • 3rd Place - $50 BBs
  • 4th Place thru 10th Place - $20 BBs
  • 11th Place thru 15th Place - $10 BBs
  • 16th Place thru 20th Place - $5 BBs

Congrats to Last Weeks Captains Tourney Winners:

Most Wins
$250 - nicole1974
$100 BBs - boatracer1
$50 BBs - tngal
$20 BBs - sweetnsassiy33, LaKeRfAn88, raz1250, ortsbb, frog1250, fanciful9, Terri64
$10 BBs - Dee1, maicie, jasperilla, ladyragdoll, jerdebh
$5 BBs - lgruben, bingolizj, Adams1433, GRAMMY62, gretch

Join us each Wednesday night from 7PM-9PM AT for Hall Wars. Our CMs are really gearing up for battle LOL!!

Here's how it works: Your MUST be IN chat no later than 7:15PM to be eligible for bonuses. Hall Wars will be played for 2 hours. Each time a Roomie Bingos IN chat, they will be awarded $2 BBs and 2 Points for their "Hall". Multiple game winners on the same game will each receive the above. At the end of the session, the Roomies in the winning Hall will each receive $15 BBs. Loosing Hall roomies will get $5 BBs. CMs will announce point standings for each Hall after each game is played!

Please make sure your pre-buys are up to date in both Halls. If you leave for any reason other than a disconnect or boot, you will be removed from your Hall's eligibility for BBs at the end of the session. NO exceptions. Pick a Hall & GL2ALL!!

If you are an AOL user or you have your mail routed thru AOL, it has now become almost impossible to contact you. AOL is returning all email as undeliverable. If you have sent email that requires a response and you haven't received one, its not because we aren't trying. Please contact your Internet Service Provider and request that our mail be unblocked. This is especially important when emailing support or Carol on any matters.

Each time you bingo this week, your name, will go into a hat for our weekly Bingo Lottery. There's a 1st Prize of $25 bonus, 2nd Prize of $15 and 3rd Prize of $10. So make sure you've bought into as many games as you can craca, for a chance of winning!

Just check out last week's winners!

  • 1st Place for $25: SoTellMe2
  • 2nd Place for $15: bngojunkie
  • 3rd Place for $10: irishkiss

Please read how these games are played under the Chat Game tab on the website www.missbingo.com then submit your Pick 6 numbers to sassy@missbingo.com (any 6 numbers). Submit Power Lotto numbers to roxy@missbingo.com (6 numbers + 1 number designated as your Power Ball Number). Your name/numbers MUST be on the Master List by Midnight prior to game time. NO sign ups will be taken in chat for these 2 special games.

Our Jumbo "J" Game played at Midnight each Sunday in the Cabaña Café has a Guaranteed Prize of $1000 plus it's own Progressive Jackpot!! For this game ONLY, for every two cards you buy you get two FREE!! For every $1 you spend we'll DOUBLE your chances for this spectacular guaranteed prize!!

Join us at 11PM (just before Speed) for our colorful new "Rainbow" Game, played in the Liberty Lounge, is NOW a Quarters game and has a Guaranteed Prize of $500 and its own Progressive Jackpot!! So all you have to do is spend $1 and we'll give you two FREE cards for a chance at winning this fantastic prize!!! WOW!! The Rainbow Games will be played in the Liberty Lounge - so keep a look out for them!!

We play SINKERS and ROCK THE BOAT every Monday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday night from 7-9 PM in both the Cabaña Café and the Liberty Lounge. Each time a player bingos they select a Number from 1-75. The object is to sink one of our CMs Yachts. Their Yachts can be anywhere on the called number board: across, down or even diagonally. If you "Hit" one of the Yachts you will receive a $2 bonus. Sink her, and you and your nabors will each receive:

Cabaña Café

CM Lisa - $3
CM Brook - $5
CM Jill - $7
CM Nikki - $9
CM Roxy - $12
CMM Carol - $15

Liberty Lounge

CM Cody - $3
CM Jean - $4
CM Dee - $5
CM Jessi - $7
CM Sassy - $9
CMM Carol - $10

If you are not familiar with our bonus policy, we recommend a trip to our Bonus Facts Page

Schedule for the Cabaña Café and the Liberty Lounge starts at midnight on Sunday/Monday Nov 22nd thru Sunday Nov 28th:

  • HOURLY DRAWING - Once again this week our CMs will be keeping track of chatters who stay IN chat and IN the games, and will be awarding a $5 bonus to one lucky winner every hour.
  • PLAYER OF THE WEEK CONTINUES - Each week our CMs are going to powwow and Vote one lucky player our "Player of the Week" who will be awarded 10 BBs. Each of our CMs will have a different criteria for their nominations, so let's be nice to our CMs :-)
  • WEEKLY HOTBALL - Bingo on B4 IN chat and win 4 BBs - All Week!!!
  • DOUBLE Daily Double BBs All Week in Liberty Lounge!!
  • DOUBLE Twisted Nabors BBs in Cabaña Café All week!!
  • NITE OWL DOUBLE BBs - All week from Midnight to 1AM.
  • RANDOM CM TRIVIA - Be the first to answer our CMs Trivia Questions correctly for a $2 Bonus.
  • DOUBLE Candy Canes on Sunday 11/21 to all IN chat game winners!!
  • OUR SPECIAL PATTERN this week will be the "Drumstick". Watch for it to play randomly and often during the week and load up on cards. This game will have a minimum Prize of $75 and JP starting at $1000.
  • SPECIAL GAMES - Keep an eye out for our Day of the Week Specials in the Cabaña Café and the Colors of the Rainbow in the Liberty Lounge. Each game has a guaranteed prize of $50 minimum and it's own Jackpot!!
  • NEWSLETTER NAME HUNT - One lucky player will have their name hidden somewhere in our newsletter. This does not include any players who have been mentioned as a game or bonus winner. Your name will be spelled exactly as you use it on our site… find your name and email carol@missbingo.com to claim your $5 Bonus! Get those magnifying glasses out!!!
  • THERE SHE IS - and I'll be popping in with some special BBs all week… yeeehhaaww!!
  • AND don't forget we now have the very useful 'buy-ahead' facility, which means you'll never have to miss another game!! Look out for it the next time you buy your cards. All of our Special Games will be located at the BOTTOM of the Buy Cards Feature! Awesome!

Please note - to play any of our chat games or newsletter games, you must actively fund your account.

Our Wonderful CMs love serving and helping you in chat, what better way to say thank you by casting your votes for them at Which Bingo's CM of the Month Contest… just click here to vote: http://www.cmoftheyear.com/votes.shtml :-)

PSST!! CM Roxy, CM Sassy, CM Nikki, CM Jill, CM Dee, CM Brook, CM Jessi, CM Jean, CM Lisa & CM Cody are waiting to meet and greet you. The morning coffee is hot, the afternoon drinks are free - come join us for some fun, friends and fantastic games at the bingo game everyone's talking about! See you in Miss Bingo!!

Your Miss Bingo Team

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